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by admin on September 15, 2012

Kamagra Tablets, valuable for solving the problem of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual problems amongst men have long prevented some from enjoying a happy married life. To resolve this, Kamagra tablets have solved this problem and helped couples experience a normal and happy sex life. Being a version of Viagra, its comprised of the same unique active ingredients to help treat the effects of male impotence.


Male impotence can often arise for several reasons, for example, physical or psychological problems. Sometimes it can happen for health reasons, such as diabetes, heart trouble or high blood pressure. When sufficient blood is unable to flow to the penis, it can leave a the male unable to sustain an erection for a lasting period of time, therefore adequate blood flow to combat this is required. This problem cannot only ruin a relationship, but can also lead to a miserable life in general.


Kamagra Tablets are an effective medication that provide treatment for sufferers of male impotence or male erectile dysfunction. This medication is manufactured using Sildenafil Citrate, the purpose of which is to produce an erection. The ingredients in Kamagra Tablets are the key to it’s success and effect on sexual performance, as it functions by working as a PDE–5 inhibitor. The male body generates two kinds of chemicals, known as Cyclic GMP and PDE–5. Cyclic GMP assists in achieving an erection whereas PDE–5 interrupts the effects of Cyclic GMP.


In a short space of time, usually in around 25-30 minutes, sildenafil starts to take effect. Sildenafil Citrate inhibits the effects of PDE–5 enzymes resulting in an increase in blood flow by relaxing the vessels in the penis. Kamagra may cause some minor side effects that can arise after consuming the drug, which present no problem to the vast majority of users.

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